Personalized attention

Real estate in Madrid
  • Management of purchase, sale and rental of real estate.
  • Temporary rentals for undergraduate, master and / or students
  • Services for companies.
  • Marketing and real estate advertising.
  • Real estate, legal and tax advice.
  • Valuation and financing.
  • Publication in national and international media.

Buying and selling properties

Real estate in Madrid

The marketing of the properties are subject to different digital marketing strategies, social networks, major portals, follow-ups of potential buyers and 360° visual tours.


It is difficult to carry out a search from abroad according to the needs and budget of a student and to be sure that you are not subject to fraud.

We offer accommodation search service, be it a room, residence or a rental apartment. Providing tranquility and security.


Relocation service dedicated to diplomats and / or companies that need to relocate their executives or officials, retired from abroad or who come from the interior of the country.

Your real estate in Madrid

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